• Galvanized Products

    Produced when hot or cold rolled sheet or strip is coated with zinc, either by the hot-dipping or electrolytic deposition processes. Zinc coating applied by the hot dip method is normally heavy enough to resist corrosion without additional protective coating. (more…)

  • Galvanized & PPGI Corrugated Sheet

    Corrugated galvanised iron or steel (colloquially corrugated iron or pailing (in Caribbean English), corrugated sheet metal (more…)

  • Color Coils & Sheets

    Galvanized sheet or coil is defined as a carbon steel sheet coated with zinc on both sides. Continuous hot dipping, or electro-galvanizing are the two processes used to produce galvanized


  • Tin Plate Coils & Sheet

    Tin mill products include electrolytic tinplate, electrolytic chromium coated steel (also referred to as tin free steel or TFS), and black plate, the uncoated steel. About 90% of tin mill products (more…)