• A finished steel product such as sheet or strip which has been wound or coiled after rolling. Flat steel coil products, with widths of less than 600mm for hot rolled products and less than 500mm for cold rolled

       products. The wider flat products are called wide strips. Passing a sheet or strip that has previously been hot rolled and picked through cold rolls (below the softening temperature of the metal). Cold rolling makes a product that is thinner, smoother and stronger than can be made by hot rolling alone.

    Excellent surface quality, excellent cold formability and a high degree of uniformity in the mechanical properties are characteristic of this working material.


    Automotive (Motor cycle frame, fender, muffler, chain cover, fuel tank, rim, seat pan, shock cover, precision tubes, auto door panels, various members/pillars/brackets etc.), Drum (Oil drums, lube drums, food Grade drums.), Home Appliances (Refrigerators, deep freezers, split a/c, washing machines.),, Electrical Appliances (Ceiling lights, tube lights, ceiling fans, bracket fans, exhaust fans.), Construction (Roof and wall systems (industrial, commercial, and agricultural buildings) steel racks, structural members, corrugated sheets or profiles for roofing.), Telecom (Telecom towers, shelters.), Other (Filters, tubes etc.).

    Segment-specific applications for this product

    • Energy |Civil Engineering
    • Processing industry |Tube industry
    • Processing industry |Section industry
    • Processing industry |Steel Service Center
    • Processing industry |Re-rollers
    • Processing industry |Steel trade
    • Construction and mechanical engineering industry |Mechanical engineering
    • House industry |House Technology
    • House industry |Roof, Cladding and Drainage
    • House industry |Household-appliance industry
    • Electrical industry |Electrical industry
    • Automotive Industry |Automotive industry
    • Automotive Industry |Automotive subsuppliers
    • Automotive Industry |Commercial vehicle industry


    :: Specifications of Cold Forming Steel
    EN 10149-2
    EN 10149-3
    WBL 092
    NFA 36-203
    ASTM A 656
    Q St E 260 N
    S 260 NC
    E 275 D
    S 315 MC
    S 315 NC
    Q St E 340 (N,TM)
    E 335 D
    S 355 MC
    S 355 NC
    GR 50
    Q St E 380 (N, TM)
    E 390 D
    S 420 MC
    S 420 NC
    Q St E 420 (N, TM)
    E 430 D
    GR 60
    E 445 D
    S 460 MC
    Q St E 460 (N, TM)
    E 490 D
    GR 70
    S 500 MC
    Q St E 500 (N, TM)
    S 550 MC
    GR 80