• deformed bars are rods of steels provided with lugs, ribs or deformation on the surface of bar, these bars minimize slippage in concrete and increases the bond between the two 

    materials. Deformed bars have more tensile stresses than that of mild steel plain bars. These bars can be used without end hooks. The deformation should be spaced along the bar at substantially uniform distances. 

    To limit cracks that may develop in reinforced concrete around mild steel bars due to stretching of bars and some lose of bond under load it is common to use deformed bars that have projecting ribs or are twisted to improve the bond with concrete. These bars are produced in sections from 6 mm to 50 mm dia.
    In addition the strength of bonds of deformed bars calculated should be 40 to 80 % higher than that of plain round bars of same nominal size. And it has more tensile stress than that of plain round bars of same nominal size.
    Cold twisted deformed (Ribbed or Tor Steel Bars) bars are recommended as best quality steel bars for construction work by structural Engineer.

    High Yield Deformed bar is also known as High Tensile Deformed Bar. Deformed type steel bar has ribs, deformations or lugs on the surface. It has a high carbon content and contains between 0.5% to 1.5% carbon.You cannot bend or change the shape of the metal as easily as it is quite brittle.

    The purposes

    To reduce slipping in concrete.

    Increase the bond between the two materials, as reinforcing

    They limit cracks in reinforced concrete due to stretching of bars.

    The tensile stress on these bars is higher compared to the mild steel bars. We supply High Yield Deformed Bar with Grade 50 for the purpose of construction. These bars are produced in sizes ranging from 10mm to 40mm diameter.The steel bar weight is measured in metric tonnes, and we sell in bundle of 1 tonne each.

    It is often bent into the shapes required, but you cannot bend it below a certain minimum radius, otherwise it will crack or split. Steel bars that are used in reinforcing are also called as REBARS.

    Deformed Steel Bar is mainly used in Reinforced Concrete Construction.