our warehouses are covered by sheds which fully equiped with materials handling machinery. Machinery, operated by highly technical staff.

100 KVA generator is installed to backup uninterrupted power supply.

These all capabilities able us to  provide services to customers uninterruptedly and and round the clock if necessary.


Shearing Machine

Heavy duty hydraulic shearing machine straighten out MS sheets up to 16 MM on a Mechanical Straighter and cut to sizes required maximum length up to 6000 MM


Loading & Unloading

Heavy duty overhead travelling cranes having capacity up 40 MT are standby to loading of materials to carts for the timely supplies to customers.


Corrugation, Profiling & Bending

We Provide on demand facility for sheet corrugation, profiles making  and bending.



We hire on demand Transportation to supply the goods at your door steps.